Change of GI SEA Project Manager

On February 28th, GISEA bids farewell to Mr Joselito Guevarra, our long serving project manager. Mr Joselito is a well known figure in the region who has worked tirelessly on the GI SEA program since the program started in 2013. His work has supported many countries on the national, sub-regional and regional levels for various oil spill preparedness and response activities.

Mr Joselito is succeeded by Ms Amanda Chee who will assume the GISEA Project Manager's role. Ms Amanda joins GISEA from Oil Spill Response Ltd (OSRL) and brings with her a wealth of experience in oil spill preparedness projects and oil spill response experiences in Asia Pacific region. Ms Amanda will continue the good works of Mr Joselito to support ASEAN countries in improving their national capacities on oil spill preparedness and response.    

March 2, 2018
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