GISEA Steering Committee

At the strategic level, the GISEA Project is jointly led by Co-chairpersons representing the IMO and Industry, through the Steering Committee. The Industry Chair is supported by a Vice-Chair. 

Organisation Structure of GISEA Steering Committee. Click to view image

The Industry Members comprise nominated representatives from the member companies of GISEA. The IMO representative comes from the Marine Environment Division (MED). The IPIECA Oil Spill Group (OSG) manages the relationships of active GI projects with the IMO and provides support to the Project's various activities. 

A full-time Project Manager is tasked to manage and coordinate all GISEA administration and activities, with support from the IMO and IPIECA. 

Impact of COVID-19 to GISEA: Message from Industry Co-Chair

While the pandemic continues to impact and disrupt the work of GISEA, we remain committed to support the region to strengthen oil spill preparedness and response capacity. The below message from the Industry Co-Chair was first issued in Apr 2020:

Events arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic have placed us in unprecedented times, and fundamentally affect the work we do. Government instruction and border controls to protect ourselves, and our fellow citizens, have imposed huge but necessary restrictions on many of us.

Within GISEA, we make no distinction between our concern for the health and safety of our beneficiary countries in the ASEAN Region, that of our coordination team, and that of society at large. In this context, as a precautionary measure, and in alignment with United Nations guidelines, we have postponed all physical meetings and activities in the region until further notice. This is in everyone’s best interests.

Despite the uncertainty, we will continue our work, for the benefit of the ASEAN Region, our members and partners. While all face-to-face meetings have been postponed, the team continues to operate remotely from Singapore, and maintains digital contact with in-country focal points, industry members, the IMO, IPIECA, and related professionals. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continued support to GI SEA, to enable the Project to safely deliver the technical cooperation programme during these challenging times. As the situation further develops, we will endeavour to keep you updated.

I wish you and your families good health and best wishes for the challenging months ahead.

GISEA will continue to closely monitor developments related to COVID-19 and provide updates to the National and Industrial Focal Points, where appropriate.

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At a Glance

IPIECA Oil Spill Group (OSG)

Operating since 1987, the Group aims to improve oil spill preparedness and response around the world by:

  • Enabling the industry and its partners to improve oil spill preparedness and response around the world.
  • Informing global policy and external stakeholders pro-actively and credibly on oil spill related issues.
  • Monitoring, assessing, and (where necessary) responding to oil spill related developments.
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Joint-Communiqué on COVID-19 from IMO and IPIECA,
In a Joint-Communiqué to national authorities, the IMO and IPIECA, as the principals underpinning the Global Initiative (GI) Programme, reaffirmed their commitment to support countries to remain prepared for marine pollution incidents during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The IMO and IPIECA encouraged Member States and stakeholders, where they have capacity to do so, to engage with the GI Projects and other relevant Regional Programmes, to seek assistance to prepare for a possible spill response during this pandemic, or help sustain capacity building efforts.Click here
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